The same procedure as every year

Christmas is the season for pretendings. Good pretendings. Pretending to be surprised when you open up the Christmas gift from your mother even if you accidentally bumped into the unwrapped Christmas gift in her room the night before. Pretending to be surprised when you on Christmas Day discover your Christmas stocking in front of the fireplace even if you have been receiving the stockings for ten years or more.

On December 13th the same happens every year. The St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated most commonly in Scandinavia, and it is specially a major Swedish tradition. My man is preoccupied with keeping the traditions alive on this day such as for example eating “Lussekatter” (saffron-flavoured buns) and watching the Lucia concert from a Swedish church on television with the annual candlelit Lucia procession. The warm feelings for the St. Lucia’s Day probably also get strengthened from the fact that his grandmother was Swedish.

Well, the same happens every year as the previous years. In the shop the week before, my man is pretending that he hasn`t noticed the saffron powder that I only buy once a year for the making of the saffron-flavored buns. The night before I have prepared a dough that I place in the fridge for proving during the night. The same evening my man is pretending not to hear the sound of the kitchen machine preparing the dough. When I get up at 6 am the morning after, in time to get the saffron-flavored buns ready for the TV concert at 7 o`clock, he is pretending not to hear the alarm go off and pretending to be sleeping. When I loose pots and pans on the floor in the kitchen because I am so tired and uncoordinated, he is pretending not to hear.

The morning is magical. Oslo is dark, the streets are completely empty and without a sound. Even if I know my husband is awake, I try not to make a single sound.  Our curious and TLC seeking Great Dane gets up, tries to coordinate his long legs, and the only sound in the house is his human like yawning saying it is a too early morning even if he wants to keep me company.

The last thing I do this morning, is my own candlelit Lucia procession into the bedroom to wake him up so he`s ready for the concert. He smiles and pretends to be waking up the minute I step into the room. The same procedures as last year. As every year. Exactly what is needed in order to keep traditions alive and never ever letting your standards down.